Training Collies

There are quite a lot of reasons as to why many people will always dream of owning a collie if they were to have a dog pet. It is without doubt that these dogs are very smart and have strength in abundance. Most people consider them lovable because of their sensitivity and beauty. They are great dogs but the biggest challenge for most people comes in when training collies. Training a dog, especially for first time dog owners, can be a challenge and without the right tips specifically meant for this breed, you will find the job more of a daunting task than an enjoyable activity.

Prior to embarking on training collies, it is important that you first understand the things you should be teaching your collie. They say patience is a virtue and in this case you will need a lot of it. This applies to training any dog breed. Dogs are not like humans thus you will be required to take the training slow and take a step at a time. This call for a great amount of patience as you will have to make sure that your dog gets every simple thing you want them to learn. If you get angry and frustrated fast, the training will not be any easier because your dog will have some negativity towards you and the lessons.

Training collies requires a creative mind owing to the fact that collies are dogs that easily get bored. You will therefore need to make the training sessions as interesting as possible by changing things and challenging them often. For every task that your dog completes, you need to have a reward to motivate them and let them know that they did the right thing. Most Collies will not be too willing to do something when they know there is nothing in for them. You can reward them using, treats, praise or giving them attention and playtime when they complete a task.

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There are a number of supplies you will need for training collies, these include such things as a collar, a leash, toys, treats and any other training tool that will enforce the skills you want your dog to learn. It is important that you gather everything that you will need before starting the actual collie training. Your collie will respond better when the training is regular and rapid as compared to stopping for a while then starting. Your dog will expect to go for a walk about the same time you took them yesterday so you have to be consistent in whatever you do.

Training ColliesThe fist step when training Collies is potty training. This is a lesson that should be taught first when the dog arrives home. This is to prevent you or any of your guests from stepping on dog mess in the house. Keep in mind that collies are smart and will pick up the things you are teaching them as long as you are doing it right. Refrain from punishment based training as it will only make matters worse.

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