Training a Collie Puppy

Collie puppies require training just like any other type of dog. What most people would view as beautiful fur balls can quickly transform into stubborn and destructive hooligans. It is therefore important that you, as a collie owner, find the best tips on training a collie puppy so that you can avoid the stress and frustration that comes with a disobedient adult collie. You will need all the information and the help you can get to ensure that the training schedule you are following works well and that both you and your dog are having fun and moving closer to your goals every day.

There is no limit to the age you can start training a collie puppy as long as they can walk around. This is because, as many dog handlers will inform you, your collie puppy will learn something regardless of whether you are taking time to train them or not. If your dog jumps on people and some of them give them the attention they are seeking or simply praise them, this to them will be a lesson and since they are smart dogs, it will be one that they will not forget soon. When your dog shows some undesirable behaviors, just know there is a root cause that can be traced to when they were kids.

Dogs will learn a new thing every single day but it is the things that they do constantly that stick in their brains. You have to keep this in mind when training a collie puppy because it is through consistency and regular training that you will be able to achieve the much desired results. As we all are aware, it is difficult to break any habits in humans and the case is no different when it comes to dogs. You should therefore make sure that your puppy collie is learning only the things you want them to.

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Some of the behaviors that you will have to deal with when training a collie puppy include excessive chewing and biting. Puppies like chewing and biting on anything they come across as they experience the world. This habit is adorable when they are young but when you have an adult dog biting you, then you really need to rethink you training strategy. It is important that you buy chew toys and let your puppy collie know that they can only chew on these toys and discourage any biting behaviors while your dog is still young and harmless.

Training a Collie PuppyTraining a collie puppy should involve a lot of obedience training if you want to live peacefully with your dog in the same house. Because Collies were initially bred for herding purposes, this will not be a problem. They will be eager and more than willing to impress you as their owner and master, and with the right approach, training them to be obedient will not be all that difficult. Since collies are intelligent, ensure that you keep the training interesting and brief to keep them attentive and away from boredom.

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