Collie Behavior

All dogs have their own behavior whether desirable or annoying and it is important that you understand Collie behavior when you are about to bring one home.  While collies are intelligent, beautiful and eager to impress, they might have some behaviors that might get you wishing that you never brought them home in the first place. Some of these behaviors are genetic while others will be picked up a long the way depending on the environment and treatment you expose your dog to. We will look at some of these behaviors and the best way to deal with them.

Aggression is a common collie behavior that affects most dogs of this breed. It starts as a simple growling but might end up in biting which is dangerous. There are many cases of dog biting all over the world and part of these are Collies. The biting cases can be decreases only when the dog owners take the initiative to train this behavior out of their dogs. The best way to deal with aggression is to ensure that the dog socializes with people and other dogs. This will give them different experiences with people and other animals, which means they will be comfortable in different situations.
Barking is another collie behavior that you should be aware of and look out for when dealing with a collie. All types of dogs bark in efforts to communicate and it is normal when they bark. It is when they do it in excess that it becomes annoying. You will have to first determine what the causes of the barking are before you decide what to do to solve the problem. Most dogs will bark when they do not want to be alone or when they are scared. You should know what is causing the barking and do your best to get rid of the excess barking.

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Of the common Collie behavior you should be prepared to see, chewing is one of them. We are not talking about just chewing; we are talking about excess chewing that will destroy your leather boots and your expensive furniture. Collies are energetic dogs that if not given enough exercise, will direct their energy to destructive behaviors that might cause some damage of property around the house. You should train them by first getting them chew toys as this behavior cannot go away completely. It is what they chew on that matters. If they have toys and still chew on other valuables, then you will need to take them for long walks and runs. This will exhaust them and when you come back home, they will not have enough energy left for chewing.

Collie BehaviorCollie behavior should be monitored closely to make sure that your dog is developing as you would love them to. Note that to have a well mannered dog, you will need to spare your time to train them and show them what is right and what is wrong, and you will not regret later when your dog is obedient and lovable.

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